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DRC History

When Dan Read, president of a successful Nashville cosmetics company providing “makeup for the stars” first saw High Definition Television (HDTV), he thought “we’re in trouble!”

Of course, Dan was thinking about the impact High Definition would have on the brilliance and clarity of the HDTV picture. He immediately knew old makeup standards would reveal flaws and facial imperfections that were never before seen with standard TV resolutions.

Whereas the beauty and clarity of HD enriches outdoor cinema-photography, close-ups for actors became a technical challenge impacting the film industry tremendously.

Directors and actors were unsatisfied with the results of enlarged pours and the caked on, lifeless look produced by the current press powdered makeup available to the film and television industry, still today.

Nashville HD Cosmetic Company

Something had to be done fast. The technology of television had finally caught up with the art of makeup.

Nashville HD Cosmetic Company

Founded in 1998 in Nashville, TN, Dan Read Cosmetics™ answered the call for a new line of cosmetics developed specifically for film and television. The Dan Read Cosmetics™ Silver Screen Series line of foundations and correctives provide a beautiful, flawless look to the actor’s skin offering coverage that virtually disappears and is not visible even in the highest HD resolutions and viewed on the largest modern HDTV screens. Close-ups are no longer a dread but are a highlight of the actor’s craft revealing the beauty and drama through tight, close-up facial shots.

By developing a unique formula that is produced almost entirely with powdered ingredients rather than oils, Dan Read has created a product that not only meets and exceeds the needs of the Hi-Definition Television and Film industry while offering solutions to all women and men with common makeup needs that is safe for everyday use.

The Dan Read Cosmetics™ Silver Screen Series line of foundations and correctives have been proven to be gentle enough for everyday wear while providing sheer effective coverage for HD professional use.

Introducing Dan Read Cosmetics™ Silver Screen Series:

Will not stain delicate clothing & wardrobe
Is sweat proof, humidity proof, and rub resistant... best of all it stays put all day and into the evening!
Lasts up to 20 hours - powder only once.
Does not require repeated powdering to defeat heat.
Safe for everyday use, light-weight look & feel.
Sheer effective coverage for HD professional use.
Full coverage creates a natural SPF.
Comfort, clarifying, concealing foundation.
DRC One of the first cosmetic lines to use an organic preservative. NO Parabens!

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