DRC Will Match your Inherent Skin Undertones

DRC Will Match your Inherent Skin Undertones!

Have you ever bought a new foundation only to discover when you put it on that it wasn’t the right shade for your skin tone? At that point it doesn’t matter whether you paid $5 or $50 for it, you still have to go back to the store and try again.

That takes time, gas money, energy… How much would it be worth to you to get the right shade the first time? Dan Read Cosmetics™ has a proven method that will help you select the correct shade the very first time! Simply follow along with our questionnaire and by the time you’re done you’ll be able to select your exact perfect match.

1.  What is your family’s ethnic heritage?  Whether your skin tone is olive or ruddy is determined by your genes-and these are most often determined by where your ancestors lived.  The guidelines below will help you determine where to start.  After each location/area of the world you’ll see which Silver Screen Series™ foundation family, and which shades in particular, are best suited to the most common complexions from that area:

a) light Mediterranean = Olive Fawn 1 or 2; Natural 1; Far East 1; possibly Soft Ivory 3

b) dark Mediterranean = Olive Fawn 3; Far East 2 or 3

c) western European/Scandinavian = Fairest; Soft Ivory; Natural; Olive Fawn 1

d) eastern Europe = Olive Fawn 1, 2 or 3Far East 1; possibly Natural 2 or 3

e) Asian/Middle Eastern = Far East; Olive Fawn; possibly Olive Sienna 1

f) American Indian/Hispanic = Olive Fawn; Far East

g) Pacific Islanders = Far East; Goldtone; possibly Olive Sienna 1

h) Dark skinned individuals or mixed heritage (with Caucasian) = Olive Fawn; Far East; or in rare instances the Goldtone.

2, Take a look at your knuckles (without making a fist).  Do you see pink?

a)  pink knuckles = ruddy undertones = Soft Ivory; Natural

b)  no pink = olive undertones = Soft Ivory; Olive Fawn; Far East

3. Do you sunburn easily or do you tan quickly? (for Caucasians)

a)  Sunburn = ruddy undertones (see #2a above)

b) Tan = olive undertones (see #2b above)

4. Is your complexion pale, fair, medium, tan or dark?

a) Pale = Fairest; Soft Ivory 1 or 2

b)  Fair = Soft Ivory 3; Natural 1; Olive Fawn 1

c)  Medium = Natural 2; Olive Fawn 2; Far East 1; Goldtone 1

d)  Tan = Natural 3; Olive Fawn 3; Far East 2 or 3; Goldtone 2 or 3

e)  Dark = Olive Sienna 1 (for lighter African American skin tones); Olive Sienna 2 (for medium, cocoa brown skin tones-this shade will match 90% of those with a cocoa brown complexion); Olive Sienna 3 (for darkest skin tones such as Hindu Indian, Dark African or African-American, Dark Egyptian)

This questionnaire has been used for over 10 years to match people over the phone and continues to have 95% or better success rate. Now that you know which Silver Screen Series™ foundation is your perfect match you can use the links provided above to go shopping!