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DRC Foundation Ingredients

By developing a unique formula that is produced almost entirely with powdered ingredients rather than oils, Dan Read has created a product that not only meets and exceeds the needs of the Hi-Definition Television and Film industry while offering solutions to all women and men with common makeup needs that is safe for everyday use.
The Dan Read Cosmetics™ Silver Screen Series line of foundations and correctives have been proven to be gentle enough for everyday wear while providing sheer effective coverage for HD professional use.
DRC Foundation Ingredients


Isoproplyl  Palmitate, PEG-4Diheptanoate, Pentaerythrityl Tetrastearate, Meadow Foam Oil,  Carnuba Wax, Kaolin USP, Talc, COP-1 (Certified Organic Preservative)

MAY CONTAIN: Titanium Dioxide, Yellow Iron Oxide, Red Iron Oxide, Black Iron Oxide.

Any questions should be directed to Dan Read.  You may submit a question by clicking the link Here.

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