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I have never been a fan of make up, even being a father of five daughters.  From a personal and professional view, immediately I became a DRC fan.  We had everything go wrong at our wedding, except how beautiful my wife was.  Dan was kind enough to come and provide a professional makeover. I was proud of how she looked and felt on our special day.

Daven Hainsworth Sr., HMG Productions

I struggled matching my skin tone regardless of the different makeup companies. Until I found DRC. Dan is so awesome helping me match my skintone within seconds.  He is truly an artist.


I struggled with self-confidence from an early age.  Not only did the DRC foundation match my skin, it covered my horrible birthmark completely!  I couldn’t believe it.  I emphatically recommend Dan Read Cosmetics!

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DRC History is full of exciting stories. When Dan Read, president of a successful cosmetics company providing “makeup for the stars” first heard talk of  High Definition Television (HDTV) in 1994, he thought “we’re in trouble!” Of course, Dan was thinking about the impact High Definition would have on the brilliance and clarity of the HDTV picture. He immediately knew old makeup standards would reveal flaws and facial imperfections that were never before seen with standard TV resolutions.
A lifelong resident of Hollywood, California, Dan began his makeup career in 1979 while studying under the apprenticeship of a legendary Hollywood makeup artist Joe Blasco of Joe Blasco Makeup Centers Hollywood. After eleven years of hard work and collaboration they created one of the top, world-renowned lines of professional makeup for film and television. With Dan’s years of makeup compounding and manufacturing experience, his extensive dealings with movie studios, and as a makeup artist and consultant for theatrical companies and recording artists, Dan has taken this gamut of knowledge and personally formulated his PRO Line.. Silver Screen Series… an innovative New Age High Definition (HDTV) makeup line that combines the studio quality demanded by top professionals and celebrities with the convenience and light weight feel, natural coverage that discriminating consumers worldwide have come to expect.The only animal that Dan Read Cosmetics tests on… is…. DAN READ. Pioneering in HIGH DEFINITION Film & TV Makeup. The first cosmetic line that uses an ORGANIC preservative invented by a DRUMMER!

DRC Rocks! Now known as the “Modern Day Max Factor
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By developing a unique formula that is produced almost entirely with powdered ingredients rather than oils, Dan Read has created a product that not only meets and exceeds the needs of the Hi-Definition Television and Film industry while offering solutions to all Women and MEN with common makeup needs that is safe for everyday use.

The Dan Read Cosmetics™ Silver Screen Series line of foundations and correctives have been proven to be gentle enough for everyday wear while providing sheer effective coverage for HD professional use.

Dan Read Cosmetics™ Silver Screen Series

Dan Read
Dan ReadOwner / Designer